7 Perfect Ways To Impress A Girl

Well, it’s pretty much hard to impress someone if you aren’t good at that. But don’t worry because, today will show you the 7 perfect ways to impress a girl and make her yours. For you to impress someone, especially a girl” you will fist of all get to know her likes and dislike. Just like anyone, figuring out what someone likes most and make them have it or feel it” is the best way to impress. When I mean likes and dislike, that’s exactly what they like doing, the things that put smile on their faces and rest. That’s that first step you take, or fist thing you should do to achieve your aim.

I know you can’t possibly be looking for means or how to impress a girl just for nothing. Definitely to get something from her, which is? Lol, probably to make her your girlfriend or anything that might be in your mind right now. But I doubt you are trying to impress a girl to put a smile on her face for another man. No way, so if I’m correct you want to make her your girlfriend and you want to start by impressing her.

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Well, that’s pretty cool” because I’m very ready to show you the perfect ways to impress a girl and make her your lover. So, don’t panic” the truth is that girls are very very easy to impress. Are you surprise? That’s just the fact, in fact they are very easy to get. Just as I said earlier, the first step you should take to achieve this, is figuring out what she likes. If you know what puts a smile on the face of the girl you want to impress, then you have the key to her heart.

The 7 Perfect Ways To Impress A Girl

Now, let me go straight to the point and tell you how to easily impress any girl.

  • Dress Richy
  • Buy her gifts
  • Care for her
  • Tell her sweet things
  • Send her love quotes
  • Hangout with her
  • Respect her

Though, there are many more but I think these ones can make any girl go mad over you. Now, let me go ahead and explain them one after another. So that you will understand every bit of it and know how to work on yourself.

1. Dress Richy; just as you smile and desire girls that looks so hot and beautiful. That’s exactly how girls silently crush on guys that dress richy and smell fresh. She will be super impress and proud of you, if you are the kind of person that dresses very well and smell fresh. So, you really have to work on yourself if you don’t know how to dress properly.

2. Buy her gifts; The moment you start buying gifts for a girl, boom” she will fall madly inlove with you. Maybe that’s the spirit of gifts, and she will have this believe that you are the best and for real. But dude, if you don’t have money for gifts, don’t pretend” just be real okay? I only suggested the perfect way to impress a girl. And girls doesn’t joke with gifts, so if can, then try this method too.

3 Care for her; I mean call her on phone, ask about her health and rest. I believe you understand what I mean? Do call her frequently to check on her.

4.Tell her sweet things; I think it’s in their nature, girls so much love to hear sweet things. Calling them sweet names, telling them sweet stories and how much you love them.


Don’t make fake promises to her, all in the name of trying to impress and make her love you. Try to be unique and natural, remember it’s relationship matter.

5. Send her love quotes; if you’re really looking for how impress a girl, then consider sending love quotes to her. If makes them feel on top of the world, it also makes them see the guy as a romantic type. Well, who wouldn’t be impress when he/she receive a love quotes SMS? So, that’s another method of impressing girls.

6. Hangout with her; Girls so much like hanging out, e.g to the beach and cenema. So, if you are looking for how to impress any girl, then consider taking her out at list ones in a while.

7. Respect her; Everyone deserve to be respected, so to make her love you” you really have to respect her.

If you are looking for how to impress a girl you don’t know that much. Then you have to make her your close friend first, before applying the method listed above. Globlove is wishing you Good luck…