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3 Perfects Ways To Get Over A Breakup


It’s definitely not easy to get over someone you love so much, more especially someone you have been wishing to spend the rest of your life with. But nevertheless, in this article I show you the 3 perfects ways to get over a breakup fast. A lot of people broke up with someone a very long time ago, but yet can’t get over the the person. This is simply because you love the person so much, the feeling is so strong that you can’t get over it. Anyways, that’s exactly why I wrote this article” to show you how to easily get over a breakup.

Just few days ago we talked about the signs your partner is cheating on you. Which is the main causes of most relationship breakups, and divorce in marriages today. Well, as I said earlier ” I will be discussing the perfect ways to get over a breakup. Which I’m very sure you’re a victim of, and believe me after reading this you will see the result in one week.

I have been in your shoes and I can say that I know exactly how you feel right now. But let me tell you something, nothing is worth dying for” you really need to have that mind set. That’s if truly you want to get over your ex and move on with your life.  Now let me go ahead and tell you the easiest and perfect ways to get over a breakup in one week.

How To Get Over A Breakup

Here are the tips to follow, so as to get over your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in one week. And also find someone else to occupy the space he/she left in your heart.

1. Find something doing to keep yourself busy; This may sound funny or whatever you can think of. But I want you to know that the first thing you should do to get over a breakup is to keep your mind busy. The more you stay without doing anything is the more you keep thinking of the past. But when you have something that occupied your mind, something else to think of. Trust me you won’t even remember that your ex still exist.

Finding something doing to keep yourself busy is not enough, you also need to make new friends. I didn’t say that you should find another date, but if you want? That’s your choice. I’m only trying to tell you that, you should make new friends and also hangout with them to forget the past easily.

2. Stop keeping in touch with him/her;  this is another step you should follow to get over a breakup fast. How do you expect getting over your ex boyfriend or girlfriend when you are still keeping in touch with him/her? My dear, it’s not possible. And I can say it over and over again, I’m not trying to say that to should be keeping malice with your ex. No, rather you have to give him or her a mile, so that you can easily get over the person.

You can achieve this by stop calling him or her on phone, and also quite all form of social media communication. You can’t possibly be communicating with your ex you love some much and expect to get over him or her.


You can inform him or her about not keeping in touch and why he or she should bear with you. Depending on what makes you breakup with your ex.

3. Listing to music whenever you remember him/her: Whenever the thought get in to your mind, turn on your music and wave it off. Just as I said earlier, nothing is worth dying for. Your ex is your past and should remain there, don’t allow the past to ruin your feature.


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