3 Things You Must Avoid While In College

If you want to graduate with excellent result, here are the 3 things you must avoid while in college. It’s obvious a lot of college pupils aren’t interested to focus in their studies anymore. And that’s exactly why the rate of examination malpractice is increasing everyday. No one wants to calm down and learn, and at the end of everything you will blame the government for not offering you job. Well, without saying much, I’m going to list out the things you definitely shouldn’t do while in college.

That’s if truly you want to be successful, if you want to make your family proud, then you really have to stay away from the things I’m about to list now.

3 Things You Must Avoid While In College

1. Don’t join cultism; my dear, there’s no gain in being a cultist, it doesn’t add any value to your career. It can only make life miserable for you, the truth is that those who joined without knowing the outcome are regrating it now. It can only teach you all sorts of evil, example; smoking, raping, stealing and others. Now let me ask you” yes you that is reading this right now, is it the kind of life you want to live?

2. Avoid school relationship; this may sound kinda awkward, but I’m just being real here. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend while in college can only make you loose focus in your studies. And I can practically tell you that 97% of school friendship leads nowhere. It’s definitely gonna distract you, so don’t ever give give it a second thought.

Just few days ago a teen in college committed suicide simply because her crush is dating on someone else. Now I ask yourself, what is the turning into? Is that why she’s in school? So my dear, it doesn’t make sense. If you are in college, all you should be more interested in is your studies” which is exactly what brought you there.

3. Exceed from social media; social media has disorganized a lot of peoples life negatively. Students no longer have time to read” rather the prefer chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter. If you really want to be successful, I mean if you want to graduate with excellent result then exceed from social media. In life, there’s time for everything, instead of making research on Google that are busy chatting. Don’t allow social media fun, put you to regrets.